Giant theatrical Escape Game - With actors Group activity


Enjoy the first giant "Live Escape Game" with costumed actors.

For large groups of up to 300 people.

At the location of your choice!

The different scenarios:


A time portal has opened between our own time and the office of a medieval inquisitor. In this secret temple, prisoners and heretics are free to come and go.

Signs of troubled times are appearing everywhere, and they seem intent on condemning the whole of humanity. Will you dare to venture into the Inquisitor's jails?

Running time: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 200 people


Disappeared from the radar in 1985, the expedition ship "Eminence" is about to dock.

30 years late. No sign of the crew, radio silence.

Will you dare to climb aboard and unravel the mystery of the ghost ship?

Duration: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 200 people


Once upon a time, Mortéglise protected the sacred kingdom of the Citadel with the Tree of Knowledge.

Alas, a terrible war and then a curse were unleashed and the tree went mad. The kingdom lost its protection and became a world in pain, where the restless wander.

A group of determined individuals seek to rediscover the forgotten legends in order to revive the tree of knowledge.

Under the guidance of the scholar, they have launched a ritual to summon Vervoyants, personalities capable of perceiving magic and understanding their quest in order to bring it to fruition.

Will they help them gather the legends of Mortéglise to restore its grace and bring the tree back to life?

Duration: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 150 people

ACTA EST FABULA: The Royal Treasure (Medieval theme)

Medieval legend has it that a treasure linked to the Lady of the Unicorn tapestry is hidden in the royal hunting grounds.

Using his time machine, Professor Albert resurrects the guardians of this priceless fortune.

But the experiment requires a lot of energy. You, the members of the Society for Temporal Exploration, will have to help him find the location of the treasure.

Duration: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 300 people


After a 10-year absence, legendary hard rock band "Johnny Glam" are back in the spotlight for an unprecedented world tour!

You and your friends have bought tickets for the only French date with legendary US artist Johnny Glam, the greatest living rock star.

But the concert is about to take an unexpected turn, and it's you who'll find yourself in the spotlight.

Meet a whole gallery of crazy characters from the music scene, save the show of the century... and become part of Rock Legend!

Duration: 01H15

Capacity: 30 to 100 people


While visiting the Duke Daumont, King Louis XV suddenly collapses in pain.

The King is dying and you must save his majesty and discover who has poisoned him.

Running time: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 200 people


An evil genius intends to purge humanity of its sins. He has hidden a bacteriological virus in a chapel, ready to empty the capital of its souls.

Under cover of a conference, this man, who calls himself the Monk, brings together the greatest minds of our time and tells them of his plan.

Humanity is on the brink of ruin if, within the hour, no one comes forward to absolve him of his crimes

Duration: 01H00

Capacity: 30 to 150 people

The concept: From the outset, this game has used real professional actors, and the immersion in the game is clear!

Halfway between an escape game and immersive theatre, players are in for an immersive experience they won't soon forget!

Players will have to interact with the colourful characters if they want to succeed in their mission!

(Travel, set-up/break-down, actors, make-up (for actors), prints, small equipment)

- Teams of 5 to 7 perform at the same time, in the same space, in the same scenario.

- Specially designed to allow several teams to work together at the same time, with no waiting time for one of the teams, especially when searching for clues.

- Professional actors integrated into the game, interacting with the players.

It's an exciting, highly immersive team-building activity that won't leave participants indifferent!

Let yourself be swept away into a colourful world and get caught up in the game!

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