GPS Rally: Urban Game in the heart of Paris Group activity


Equipped with a smartphone and a good team, turn the city into your playground in a state-of-the-art gps rally. According to various scenarios, become a famous detective and lead the investigation, a fearsome crook and empty the vaults, or put an end to the diabolical plans of Dr Crypto.

With your team, experience a fun and interactive discovery of the capital's places and curiosities.

In this GPS rally, each group follows a route on foot, with a smartphone in hand.

The smartphone tells you the place to be discovered and the question or riddle you have to solve once you get there.

Has everyone watched the clues in the video carefully or listened to the music? Who will be able to decipher the strange code and guess the meaning of the enigmatic message? One thing is certain: everyone's knowledge, sharing and interests will contribute to the success of your team.

Your creativity will also be required on the course.

At certain stages you will have to take a fun photo of the group as proof of your passage.

These photos will give you extra points which may allow you to finish first!

- Survey: Musée d'Orsay or Les Passages Couverts

- Includes: Telephone, Road Book, Briefing

- Groups of 5 to 150 people

Choice of "Urban Game":

Sherlock Holmes

A murder has been committed in the city and the police don't know which way to turn. Since they can't solve the murder, they have hired you to help them solve the case. Will you be able to unmask the culprit in the line up!

Use your smartphone to quickly go around the city and collect as many clues as possible: the culprit has left traces behind him that you must collect. Some witnesses have also seen something, but before they reveal their information, you will have to put money on the table...

To make this urban game even more exciting, you will receive photo assignments. With your team, recreate the most realistic crime scenes possible! A tip: also look into Sherlock's past if you want to get a head start on the others... Hopefully you can help the police and, who knows, win the game first. The honour of your team is at stake!

Hold Up

In this urban game you will turn into a formidable thief. Equipped with your smartphone you are ready to commit the heist of the century in Paris, but beware you are not alone. Keep an eye on the other robbery teams via satellites and try to get ahead of them!

Get your hands on the virtual ammunition boxes, you'll need dynamite sticks to open the safes and take away the gold, diamonds and jewellery. If you're lucky, you'll get (virtual) weapons that you can use to hit your opponents from near or far with a GPS shot to steal some of their loot.

You'll also have to evade police patrols by using the right strategy and not get neutralized. However, you can only pull off a big score by attacking the cross-country transport. Will you become the king of the bandits?

Dr. Crypto

The city has been shaking ever since Dr. Crypto, a very disturbed criminal, has been holding several innocent people hostage in cells in various parts of the city. These rooms can only be opened by paying a ransom or by solving puzzles that provide the combination of lock numbers.

In this Urban GPS Escape Game, you and your team will have to use logic, strategy and speed to defeat the plans of the dreaded Dr Crypto. As a vigilante, your task is to free as many hostages as possible within 100 minutes. Hurry up, the clock is ticking! The team that earns the most money and frees the most hostages wins the game.

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