Group introduction to PlumFoot Group activity


What if your group discovered the most original new sport in Paris?

Come and discover this new, original, sporty and fun sport in a club specialised in this sport!

Plumfoot is played on a classic badminton court.

The height of the net is 1.60m for the men's and mixed events and 1.50m for the women's events.

Aim of the game: To score points by dropping the shuttlecock inside the opponent's court or by provoking a foul from the opponent.

A match is played in two winning sets. A set ends when one of the two teams scores at least 21 points, with a 2-point lead over the other team. at the end of the match, the teams take the obligatory bow again.

The game consists of different rules that will be explained to you.

You will also see and participate in a small demonstration of another PlumFoot practice called "Freestyle":

The main rule in freestyle is that there is no rule! The main rule in freestyle is that there is no rule! You try not to drop the shuttlecock on the ground, by juggling with your feet, but also with your knees, head or elbows!

Freestyle calls for imagination and creativity: once the first juggles are over, more complex tricks can be tried or invented: world tours, scorpions, sun, indie ...

By meeting in a circle of 4 or 5 people, this practice is ideal for getting familiar with the object and discovering its fun aspect.

Up to 30 people.

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Lycée Labouré, 29 rue Gassendi 75014 Paris

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Paris Plumfoot

Le plumfoot est un sport d'origine asiatique. Il consiste à garder en l'air un volant en utilisant les pieds et d'autres parties du corps, hormis les bras et les mains. La pratique de ce sport existe sous deux formats. En compétition il est pratiqué sur des terrains semblables à ceux du badminton. En loisir, les joueurs se mettent plus généralement en cercle et jouent dans des parcs ou dans la rue.

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