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The Space Challenge, "Discovering the New World" is an innovative team building game, combining the traditional quiz formula with space immersion and escape game mechanics.

Take off your ship, brave space and its dangers, whether they come from the depths of the void or from your own ship, and explore a new exotic planet.

Which team will be voted the best crew in your company and given a special new mission?

The game mechanics are in the form of a quiz, with a host asking questions (displayed on a screen) and boxes to answer the questions.

We form teams of 4 to 6 people.

Within each crew, each player is assigned one of 4 key roles: pilot, botanist, physicist or mechanic.

The mission cards they are given give them game elements that they must share with the rest of the crew to progress in the mission.

It is only by sharing this information and communicating effectively that each crew can hope to reach the ultimate selection phase of the best crew.

Video, sound & light animations are integrated throughout the mission, as we take the crews on a journey through space in search of a new World. Riddles, blind tests, games of cohesion or speed, ...

You will have to rely on the strengths of each team member to progress in the mission!

The game is divided into 4 phases:

- a phase of discovery of the other members of the crew

- a space travel phase (with several adventures!)

- a phase of exploration of the new planet

- a final phase, on stage, during which we decide between the best crews

General information

- A nomadic format and a quick set-up on the site of your event!

- An animation that can be personalised with your company's colours!

- Game on tables

- Minimum space required: 50m².

- 20 to 800 participants, divided into 5 teams

- Duration: about 1h30

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