In the Dark" Day: Senses Challenge + Lunch Group activity


We propose a group day (or half-day) at the iconic Dans le Noir space that made its reputation in Paris before being exported to many other world capitals.


10H00-10H30: Welcome Coffee

10H30-11H30 - THE SENSES CHALLENGE - A multi-sensory team game in total darkness.

A team game that will awaken the senses and facilitate communication between participants by offering them the means to express themselves more freely. The destabilisation caused by an unknown environment often reveals a beautiful team cohesion. Deprived of their main sense, sight, the participants will channel their attention to their other senses. Their imagination and creativity will be multiplied.

This game is a good introduction to the meal that follows. The participants will no longer feel apprehensive during the first few minutes in the dark and will be fully prepared to understand and analyse the dishes that will be offered to them. The group is divided into two groups, one in the dark and one under the lights, which will alternate. 2 teams compete in a time trial of the senses.

A game in 2 rounds:

- Find the meaning of the enigma proposed... One member of the team is designated to memorize in light a diagram that he will have to retract.a team member is designated to memorise a diagram in the light, which he or she will have to retranscribe to his or her team in the dark in order to reproduce it and get as close as possible to the visual version. The right order will reveal the key to the puzzle.

- Can you recognise all the elements that make up the cocktail to be tasted during the game, using your senses? Among the elements to be analysed, there are many mistakes... Who will be the closest to the recipe?

The group that finishes the two rounds with the best time will win!


12:00: Lighted aperitif consisting of a drink and 3 appetizers

12.30 pm: Lunch in the dark, in the restaurant (not privatized)

Starter, main course and dessert with a glass of wine or a soft drink.

14H : End of lunch, discovery and debriefing of the menu in light


We propose to extend the pleasure by privatizing a room of this space. And to offer you one of the many unusual activities that we usually propose in our Team Buildings (unusual quizzes - Murder Party - Escape Game - Bubble Game...)

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