Inter-teams: the Team Building of the summer show Group activity


Corporate"Intervilles" type Olympiads for your next outdoor Team Building!

In Paris and its region. But also in all the cities of France.

Yes, we are talking about the famous "Intercities", the mythical show that rocked our summers in the past. Reconstituted in the form of challenges between colleagues, with the same zany and unusual spirit.

On the programme:

- The firemen's race: connected by the head thanks to a cross fixed on your helmet, and supporting a bucket of water (pierced or not pierced according to the temperature), you have to make a course by making fall the least possible of water, and to fill the first your container.

- The quintuor skiing (Ski racing): discover this exceptional event: the 5-man ski race.

On these long skis, 5 of you ride behind each other and try to move forward... but be careful, if one of you makes a wrong move... everyone falls!

- Foam fishing: players from competing teams (2 to 6) race 2 by 2 in this 100m3 ocean of foam, with the aim of finding all the balls corresponding to their colour.

- Pony race: experience an exceptional relay race with these inflatable ponies: on the programme, a hellish race by riding these mounts and completing the course.

- A hellish course on an inflatable structure: you have to cross the 21-metre course from start to finish, tied by the wrist with your partner.

At the end, you take a ball and go back to the starting point as quickly as possible to give the relay to the next couple.

- Double mower: 8 players are distributed on the poles provided for this test and your objective will be to stay upright as long as possible, avoiding the 2 inflatable arms. Bend over and jump to avoid them. Be careful, they turn faster and faster!

- Question stand: A wide range of questions are provided with this stand.

A seemingly simple test, but one that always creates a lot of excitement among the participating teams! This game is made with smart buzzers for maximum accuracy: when one player presses the buzzer, the others are automatically blocked.

A huge concept

With this concept, expect something intense and huge: giant inflatable games, foam games and water games... It is really the typical Intercity games that we offer.

A series of intense events

The games on offer are intense. They appeal to the public because of their "delirious" aspect. The teams get caught up in the game. Whether there are 6, 12 or even 42 teams (the maximum), the energy is enormous. Our microphone host and referees keep the momentum going throughout the event. A large choice of games is available!

Simplified organisation

Once the event has been confirmed, all you have to do is provide us with the list of players and teams, and we will take care of everything to simplify the operation and allow you to make the most of it.

Duration: The whole event will take place over half a day. From 2.30 to 3 hours.

Capacity of the activity: From 50 people and up to 500 people at the same time, spread over 7 games, each hosting 6 teams. There is no downtime, as all teams are continuously active.

It is truly a summery and energizing event that awaits you throughout the day. Your employees will talk about it for a long time!

Services provided

- The events

- Sound system

- The organisation

- The animation team

Don't wait any longer to bring some "fun" to your company event! Opt for this giant fair that is the company Interville!

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