Introduction to Capoeira Group activity


Discover this Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance and combat movements.

Original for a group event! The course can take place in your premises!

The capoeira class is divided into 3 parts:

- the warm-up, to put the body in condition for the physical effort. First, the heart rate is worked on through running and various movements combining capoeira with physical reflexes. In order to avoid muscle tears, stretching is done to make the body more supple - each one to the extent of his ability.

- The basics of capoeira / more advanced exercises (ginga, dodging, kicking, moving). The individual exercises help to understand the capoeira movements and to master them. You learn to control the coordination of your own body. The exercises in pairs allow to understand the situation of the game.

- The roda de capoeira, i.e. where we put into practice what we have learned during the course. Two capoeiristas play in the centre of the round, while the others sing and play instruments.

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Gymnase Archereau, 61 rue Archereau, 75019 Paris

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Professor Black

Cours de capoeira à Paris (19 et 20ème arrondissement) pour adultes, enfants et adolescents.

Pour tous les niveaux.

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