Introduction to Cheerleading Group activity


Do you want to develop the team spirit of your employees? But you want a dynamic and positive activity?

Offer a workshop that nobody will expect: a Pompom course!

This team building workshop is designed to :

- Develop the feeling of belonging to a group

- Activate the mechanisms of collaboration and mutual aid

- Improve self-esteem and the self-esteem of others

- Accomplish yourself in practice and in the realisation of the project

Pompom dance is indeed a discipline that lends itself perfectly to this exercise, but by proposing it in a playful and positive way.

The programme of a session:

- Constitution of the team

- Discovery of the golden rules of Pompom

- Warm up and presentation of the choreography

- Learning step by step

- Restitution and improvement

The pleasure of dancing differently and leaving with a lot of positive energy!

The session is tailored to your needs. The workshop can be held in your premises if you wish.

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Our partner

Elise PomPomGirl

Devenez Pompom Girl d’un jour avec ce cours de danse Pompom spécialement réservé pour votre groupe.

En une heure, apprenez une chorégraphie pompom pour vous éclater ! Une activité fun et insolite, accessible à tous et idéale pour faire le plein de bonne humeur ! 

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