Introduction to Slam - Writing and speaking workshop Group activity


In the shoes of a poet? Make your next team building or company seminar a moment of artistic expression. In Paris and the Ile-de-France region, with a slam workshop.

SLAM as a source and current form of creation.

A workshop based on a simple teaching method: communication. Start with yourself, listen to others, learn to work together and develop your independence.

Twice brings together a range of writing techniques (free verse, prose, improvisation), diction and games to create an intimate and accurate voice.


To discover a new artistic language accessible to all, based on the creativity and spontaneity of each of us, to surprise ourselves, to let go.

People are looking for dialogue and exchange (social life). They have problems to solve, decisions to make, they generate stress.

They are the bearers of talent. From communication to orality, how to meet their expectations, support their approach and move from one universe to another.

Objectives :

Discover the Slam: sources and current forms of creation. establish links with oral communication. Identify ways of developing and promoting public speaking. Find out more about slam poetry and create your own reference points in the contemporary publishing field. Test your oratory skills, methods for effective public speaking, techniques and exercises to improve. Identify resources and methods for overcoming shyness and relieving stress.

The fun writing activities on offer will also help you get back in touch with learning and teaching. Writing is a way of getting back in touch with the French language by tackling poetry, confronting the way others (peers and adults) look at you, passing on what you have learnt and creating a debate on ideas.

Accepting your blockage to accept who you are.

Identify your fears, weaknesses and shortcomings so that you can tackle them more effectively. Regularly review the steps you have taken alone and with others. Remember what others say (constructive criticism). Understand why you feel ashamed to face others. Always hope that things can change.

Taking risks to give ourselves the strength to overcome our demons.


The key words of my objective are based on the development of each individual's personality. I use a variety of writing techniques (free verse, prose, improvisation, etc.) and diction to address an audience. Theatrical performance is used to embody an intimate, convincing message. I am fascinated by the journey of this liberating, joyous, serious, political and sincere speech.

The work of writing allows us to reflect and find the right words for each feeling and question, and thus to define its true nature; all in a poetic way, in verse or prose, written, spoken or improvised.

How a workshop works

The SLAM writing workshop takes place in several stages:

Work on identity: "Meeting and getting to know each other".

Work on complementarities and oppositions.

Work on repartee.

Work on diction.

Work on vocal techniques.

Work on interpretation.



The aim of the performance at the open stage, known as the "Slam Session", will be to put on a show and say: "I'm proud of what I've written and I've come to defend it. You want to have fun with words, express yourself freely, be listened to and leave with a wealth of knowledge".

writing: so-called "trigger" exercises that encourage spontaneous surprises.

Work on : Repartee - Identity - Imagination - Memory - Facts...

Body: Exercises that allow you to situate yourself in space with or without the other person.

Work on : Movement - body language - confidence - energy - constraints...

Voice: Exercises to help you discover yourself through your breath.

Work on : Diction - Vocal techniques - Interpretation - Improvisation...

Examples of exercises: Writing short texts - Interpretation by heart - Argumentation - Reading aloud - Telling an anecdote, a memory, the near future... Improvisation skits - Rhythm and musicality.

Duration: ½ day (4h) (beginner)

Possibility of 2 x 4h (Advanced)

This format allows you to go deeper into the exercises, work on the writing of the texts in greater depth, and test them.

Number of participants: From 6 to 40 participants maximum.

Location: At a venue of your choice in Paris and the Ile-de-France region (other regions on request)

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