Koh-Lectif: Olympiad events in a park (Paris or Antony) Group activity


As you have already seen on television, come and confront the KOH-LANTA-style events specially designed by our team.

KOH LANTA-styleOlympics to take part in a real adventurer's challenge, forge real team cohesion and learn to take up challenges that are both sporting and cerebral.

Inspired by the famous TV game show, you will finally be able to face all the challenges created by our team. Adrenaline, physical, mental and even sensory tests for the most daring... Here there is no room for fear or prejudice.here there is no room for fear or prejudices, learn to live in the moment and to surpass yourself with your team, together, hand in hand.

This is indeed the main goal of the Olympics: to succeed in passing the tests as a team.

How does a KOH-LECTIVE day take place?

A full day OR a half day. All the activities can be adapted to your wishes and needs.

Activities are possible both indoors and outdoors.

Possible in the Parc Heller or the Parc de Sceaux in Antony/Sceaux.

Or, mainly in the LE FIVE Centres, in winter:

Morangis - Bezons - Paris 13 - Paris 17 - Paris 18 - Champigny - Créteil

More than 30 activities that we can offer you for even more sensations.

The different events can be classified into 5 themes:

- SPEED/STRENGTH: Tug of war, obstacle course, rope race, reflexes...

- ADDRESS: Wooden games, balance course...

- REFLECTION: Giant puzzle, giant tangram, brainteaser...

- MENTAL: riddles, memory, calculations...

- SENSORY: use all your senses, blindfolded or open, try to discover what is hidden in your hands or crunch it!

These are all very different events where teams will have to accumulate as many points as possible in order to win the final victory! Nothing is ever certain until the mythical end post event, which can change everything, so don't be too quick to admit defeat or victory.

All the tests call on your team spirit, your mutual aid and your communication, because these are the keys to success in order to obtain the coveted TOTEM...

KOH-LECTIF is for everyone.

A minimum of 2 teams is required to carry out the activities, i.e. 8 to 10 people. Up to 200 people in one session. The time and number of workshops will depend on the number of participants.

Also, don't forget that all the events are also suitable for children of all ages, as we can adapt the activities to the age of the participants.

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