Le Grand jeu des défis Musicaux - Musical Team Building Group activity


A giant "N'oubliez pas les paroles", a "Just Dance" or even musical chairs during your company day? Discover the 1st Team Building event that's 100% musical and totally unusual!

In Paris and all over France, our presenters, dressed as referees, will come to you to turn your team-building moment into a giant battle based on the leading shows and cult games from the world of music.

A themed seminar? A crazy team-building event? A fun day out? Turn up the volume and test your knowledge and that of your colleagues.

Course and organisation:

Create several teams. (coloured scarves for the teams)

Tournament / Battle around several games and challenges

Entertainment with referees.

Gifts for the winning team.

Within this incredible "Musical Parcours", we will propose a precise number of "challenges" according to your number of people.

Every 20 minutes, we'll rotate so that players move on to the next challenge.

List of games:

> Musical chair

> Just dance : participants must follow the choreography presented. The jury will decide which team is the most coordinated.

> Karaoke

> N'oubliez pas les paroles: We play a piece of music and stop it at a certain point. Each team, armed with a slate, has to write down what happens next as quickly as possible.

> Zany and physical musical blind test: the teams stand behind a line of potato sacks. To the sound of the music, the teams who know the artist and the name of the track run off with their potato sacks and have to give the referee the answer.

> Accordion blind test: an accordionist plays internationally famous music and the group has to guess what it is.

> Music quiz: rebus, general knowledge questions.

> The Voice duel! 2 singers... go head to head!

> Percussion activities: We give each team tambourines, maracas and small flutes. The group practises for 10 minutes, then it's time to show off their best performance.

> The "Fart in the helmet": The teams line up in single file. The first person says a sentence to the candidate behind them, who has headphones with music on. The latter has to understand what his team-mate has said. He then has to repeat the sentence to the person behind him, who has put on the headphones in turn, and so on.

There are also some crazy bonus games and challenges:

- Dancing in inflatable t-rex or Minion outfits: we bring inflatable t-rex or Minion outfits, and one person from each team has to do the best dance!

- Quiz on the history of singers: a quiz on the most famous singers. Answers must be given collegially as a team.

Location :

At the venue of your choice. In Paris or anywhere in France.

You must have a venue. Ideally the venue for your seminar day. Alternatively, we can offer to hire a venue and space for your day.

The team building formula will allow you to bring out the artist in you while strengthening cohesion and good understanding between your colleagues!

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