Live HoldUp - Life-size immersive heist Group activity


Experience a life-size heist in the heart of Paris! A real immersive adventure, between Escape Game and immersive theatre!


The Live Holdup is as if GTA Vice City and Ocean's Eleven had been fed on Tarantino's films.

Gangsters with dubious morals, a story of revenge and a retro 80's soundtrack combine to immerse you in the atmosphere of a Paris that rhymes with Miami.

Your objective: to infiltrate the headquarters of Doctor New, a major organized crime figure, incognito.

From the Breaking Bad-style underground drug lab to the secure vault to the adults-only private club, you'll be operating in decidedly hostile territory.


It all starts with an improbable plan that will call upon your most hidden talents.

Dope making, infiltration and sabotage like Hitman, tense negotiations, express torture or hacking into security systems. There's something for everyone.

Normally, the complex is teeming with chemists and guard dogs armed to the teeth. Your chance? The big boss is having a party.

His protective detail should be busy and security kept to a minimum. that should leave you free to go. Well, in theory...


Above all, The Live Holdup is the ultimate cooperative experience for up to 12 participants simultaneously, all embarked on the same mission: to bring down the empire of Doctor New.

Each one has his own role. The most technical among you will manage the manipulations, while the cleverest will enjoy negotiating with the enemy. The key word? COORDINATION.

We're telling you straight out, you're amateurs. Your allies? A junkie and an antisocial hacker. So it's unlikely that the plan will go off without a hitch.

The good news is that the whole experience adapts to your progress, leading you to one of five possible endings. The icing on the cake is that The Live Holdup is replayable 3 times as different teams.


From 7 to 77 years old, everyone loves Doctor New, the friendly advertising man who created the delicious dog food Caniboula. But no one suspects that this cover is an essential part of his real business: large-scale drug trafficking.

Fiesta, a former henchman of Doctor New, is back in Paris to avenge the death of her father, murdered by the big boss's men. She then devises a plan as brilliant as it is risky to ruin his empire. But with no money, no weapons and no network, she has to entrust the plan to a bunch of amateurs.

That's where you come in.

Duration: about 2h15

Location: Paris 12e, metro Montgallet

Groups of 6 to 12 people.

minimum age: 18 years.

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