Manufacture of coffee tables and seats (armchairs, benches, etc.) - CSR workshop Group activity


With wood scraps, make, as a team, the furniture you need and put the creation and the CSR challenge at the service of company cohesion.

Possible furniture(example for about 15 people): 2 coffee tables, 3 armchairs, 2 benches, 4 stools. (for a duration of 04H)

If the participants want to make more of one object than another it is possible. A team discussion at the beginning of the workshop to determine the part of each object, the choice of materials for a coherent whole and the general design of the elements will be done.

Content of the workshop:

- Welcome of the participants

- Presentation of the re-use approach and awareness of the principles of the circular economy

- Presentation of materials, machines and safety instructions

- Construction: design, drawing, cutting, assembly, finishing

Note on materials: The materials made available to the participants during the workshop are quality materials, adapted to the use of the objects made. These materials have been selected, collected, sorted and reconditioned to be used comfortably by the participants.

Supervision: 3 designers/designers

Including: materials, machines, consumables.

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