Medieval Team Building - Nomadic tour in the Middle Ages Group activity


At your seminar venue!

To go back to the Middle Ages as a team, there's nothing like a trip through the corridors of time to discover your colleagues in knight's clothing.

All costumes are included, we come with one costume per participant.

To get through the Middle Ages, knights had to show solidarity and team spirit. It's up to you to find that chemistry with your colleagues!

Examples of challenges:

- Treasure hunt

- Smoking cocktail: Tasting towards the corridors of time

- Crossbow battle: Foam arrows

- Medieval Karaoke

- Medieval dance

- Castle Siege: Build the tallest catapult-proof tower!

- The Pillory: Can you free your teammate? Or is he made for the gallows?

- giant Chess: Use your partners wisely and impose your strategy!

Our team will come to you to entertain you for 2h30 to 3h30.

Who will find the jewels of the old Duke?

The teams are made up of a maximum of 10 people.

Teams compete against each other on each challenge. Every 15 minutes, we turn to the sound of the foghorn. The aim is for all teams to meet each other.

The activity includes:

- 2h30 to 3h of activity

- Animation with referees (1 for 15 people)

- Costumes included, coloured scarves for the teams

- Organisation of the Olympiad

- Gifts for the winners (bottles of champagne)

- Bonus challenges

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