Murder investigation in Paris - With smartphone Group activity


Murder Party in the Passages Couverts of Paris and Urban Game, solve the investigation and identify the culprit!

An escape investigation using augmented reality and combining urban discovery and cooperation!


Mélanie Marceau, a young waitress aged 28, is found dead in her place of work, in a well-known establishment.

She was known and admired by all those around her for her rigour and joie de vivre. Or so it seemed...


As a team, solve the riddles, find your way through the covered passages and identify the culprit!

How it works

Players are divided into teams and take to the streets of Paris to find the clues. They are equipped with a roadbook and a mobile app to guide them along their route. They then have to cross-reference all the information they gather to convict the murderer...

A chance to admire one of the capital's urban masterpieces!

Course of the game

Participants are met by a host in the Châtelet district or in a café.

He or she will brief them on the game, explain the rules, give them the equipment and ask them to download the mobile application.

- Each team then sets off on its own investigation of the covered passages. The app allows them to scan elements of the street furniture, triggering clues and showing them the stages of the route.

- The guide is on hand to make sure that all the groups are moving forward and that there are no obstacles.

- After 1? hours of play, the players meet up for a debriefing. At the end, the host announces the winning teams!

Duration: 02H00

20 to 150 players

Location: Paris covered passages (50% outdoors, 50% indoors)


We require a list of participants at least 24 hours in advance.

Ideally, you should reserve a coffee at the end of the game so that the teams can reflect on their conclusions (not compulsory).


Rewards for the 3 winning teams (organic and home-made chocolates)

Staging of the scenario by actors

Photo report

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