Murder Party "Murder in Venice" - Team investigation Group activity


A new Murder Party in the most romantic city in the world: Venice!

During an immersive Team Building activity, investigate a murder that took place during the Venice Carnival. And play a major role in the investigation!

In Paris and throughout the Ile-de-France region.

In the evening, during the day or over a meal, a murder party is a team-building activity designed to strengthen the bonds, cohesion and unity of a team.

Based on a pre-written scenario, participants have to use their wits and their sense of sharing to bring their investigation to a successful conclusion.

By calling on each other's talents, combining them and jointly undertaking research and analysis, the detectives learn to discover each other and work together.

Sometimes referred to as Giant Cluedo, this police investigation gives company staff the opportunity to meet and discover each other in a different context from that of work, with no hierarchy.and develop a team approach and method for tackling the task in hand.

Scenario: Venice, 1756. on the occasion of Carnival, the worthy guests invited to Palazzo Rossi had every intention of enjoying their hostess's gracious hospitality among people of status.

However, contrary to all expectations, the festivities were not disrupted by the antics of the famous Casanova, but by an unexpected guest: death.

In the corridors, in the music room and even in the walled garden of the palace, intrigue can lead to imprudence.

But who among these gentlemen and ladies of quality on holiday could well have been guilty of a crime?

The principle:

This investigation includes an initial interrogation phase, during which the investigators question suspects chosen from among their work colleagues.

Then, a second phase of fun tests allows the teams of detectives to obtain clues, useful or not in their mission.

Sharing, exchange and cohesion are the major assets required to successfully complete an investigation and reveal the keys to the enigma.

What makes this Murder Party different from a traditional Murder Party?

Both the detectives and the suspects are members of the company, and everyone participates and is put into a situation.

Unlike a traditional Murder Party, you're not watching a show!

There's no "immersive theatre" here. There are plenty of suspects! Which makes the scenarios more captivating and complex.


3rd September 1934

The Orient-Express is at a standstill in the middle of the Balkans after the discovery of the lifeless body of a passenger in its first-class cabin.

Who could have murdered this decent British citizen? And why? The driver of the bed carriages is distraught and asks you to investigate as quickly as possible.

Climb aboard, solve the mystery and identify the person who murdered Lady Porridge among the other passengers in Car 7.

Practical & logistical information

Venue: Takes place on your premises or at your seminar or evening venue.

In Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

Capacity: From 10 to 200 players.

Requirements: It is preferable to provide a seat for each player and a table (even a small one) for each team. This can be an eating area.

If we are playing in a park, we will provide picnic blankets and document holders for the detective brigades.

The actors' meals must be paid for by the client.

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