Murder Party "Série Noire" - Giant Cluedo with actors Group activity


A giant Cluedo, or Murder Party, hosted by real professional actors for your corporate entertainment.

For 40 to 60 people.

At the location of your choice, indoors, in your company or in a private seminar room.

Ideal for a surprising team-building activity!

An investigation with enigmas to be solved by teams. With actors who make the scenario lively and unusual!

Scenario "SERIE NOIRE" - With 3 professional actors

You have just joined the B.I.P. ("Brigade d'Investigation Prizoners"), and have been sent on your first mission: to solve a murder. The body of an employee has been found by a maintenance worker in the offices of his company.

You'll be investigating a young man with terrible secrets...

Rest assured, the theme is neither bloody nor morbid, and participants will take part in a wacky, offbeat investigation! Laughter guaranteed!

Will you be clever enough to find the culprit, the motive and the murder weapon?

Halfway between an escape game and immersive theatre, players are in for an immersive experience they won't soon forget!

This life-size cluedo will have players interacting with colourful characters if they want to succeed in their mission!

- Teams of 3 to 5 move around at the same time, in the same space and following the same scenario.

- Specially designed to allow several teams to work together at the same time, with no waiting time for one of the teams, especially when searching for clues.

- Professional actors integrated into the game, interacting with the players.

Here's an example:

2.30 pm: Arrival of participants, distribution of equipment to each team

2.45pm: Team briefing

3.00 pm: Start of the Murder Party

4.30 pm: End of the game

4.35pm: Closing ceremony with team rankings and photos

4.45pm: End of the performance

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