Murder Party special Olympics Paris 2024: the Archers Games Group activity


This year, why not take part in a Murder Party-style investigation on the theme of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

Give your colleagues a thrill linked to the major sporting event of 2024.

The specialist in life-size police investigations offers you an immersive team-building experience!

Observation of the crime scene, questioning of witnesses and suspects, clues about the suspects, forensic analyses.

It's up to you to investigate in teams and ask the right questions, cross-check information... Discover the culprit, his motive and his modus operandi in the course of an investigation.


Ronald Senderse, the director for France of the fast-food company ABC, had ambitions to become a sponsor of the JA 2024: the Archers Games of 2024.

It's a hard-fought battle to get a slice of the cake at this international sporting event.

On 20 January 2024, during his Archery Festival in Saint Clément, he was pierced by an arrow.

The archery events had apparently started early.

Who could blame him that much?

The cast:

Charles Bremet: Suspect

Mary Hassel: Suspect

Alex Michel: Witness

Chris Charrier: Suspect

2 possible play modes:

Simple mode: 2 actors as "commissioners". Witnesses and suspects not played.

Mode ++: 2 actors "Commissioners" and 2 actors "Witnesses" - Suspects not played

Themes: Business, Sport

time period: Contemporary

Genre: Crime

Mode of investigation: Sedentary

Crime scene: In an office

Running time: 1h30

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