Offbeat survey "Behaviour in the workplace". Group activity


Les Vilains en PLS is a semi-personalized survey with an offbeat sense of humour.

A giant survey with offbeat humour to invigorate team spirit and boost productivity in Paris!

To undertake is good, but to succeed is better.

True pioneers and businessmen, the Villains of popular culture had the crazy project of the League of Evil: a company intended to reverse the cycle of traditional Happy Endings.

But the explosive personalities of the employees and their respective flaws spice up the inter-employee tensions, jeopardising the success of their Machiavellian plan.

The survey aims to raise employees' awareness of the counter-productive behaviours sometimes adopted in companies, but above all to identify the collective causes and consequences of these behaviours in order to find sustainable ways to improve.

How it works

In teams, the players walk around the reception area to identify and rectify the intrinsic faults of the villains, who are unable to find common ground.

Supported by a roadbook, the participants will try to solve the internal problems of the Evil League to help the Villains to fulfil their mission.

Course of the game

The participants are brought together in plenary and a facilitator plunges them into the world of the game, explains the rules, divides them into teams and gives them an investigation booklet.

The clock starts ticking.

- For 1 hour, they will go through the place to collect clues. Riddles are used to obtain the GPS coordinates of the following stages.

- The itineraries are planned in such a way that the routes are not identical for all the teams, in order to guarantee the fluidity of the game.

- At the end of the time limit, the teams hand in their conclusions and are evaluated on their ability to think and their understanding of the mystery.

We all debrief together and congratulate the 3 winning teams.

It takes about 2 hours of animation in total.


It is necessary to have a large space, ideally with several rooms, even small ones, in which to spread the clues, or an outdoor space.

We can plan this game in the streets of a city you wish to visit.


Reward for the 3 winning teams (organic and artisanal chocolates)

Staging of the scenario with actors.

Location scouting to determine the route of the game (if no map available)

Photo report

Reservation of rooms & catering

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