Olfactory stroll: Perfume and its mysteries Group activity


A group visit in the form of an olfactory stroll, to discover the perfumes of a mythical era.

Ready for a perfumed Team Building?

Bergamot, patchouli, violet... Once prepared in Grasse for the greatest Parisian perfumers, these fragrant raw materials are still essential in modern perfumery. Will you be able to recognize them? Not so sure...

after the olfaction of raw materials, it's time for the fragrances! You will smell real olfactory masterpieces: created at the beginning of the 20th century or more recently, the perfumes you will smell during this walk have the particularity to have captured the smell of their time and go through time without getting old.

from the evolution of olfactory trends linked in particular to the various hygienic practices, to the rapprochement of couture and perfumery, you will understand how the profession of perfumer has been transformed to become what it is.

A selection of fifteen emblematic perfumes and raw materials will be presented throughout the walk to illustrate the key notions, anecdotes and legends.

Your guide: Sophie Irles is a perfume expert, and undoubtedly passionate! She has worked for several years with perfumers creating fragrances for prestigious brands such as Burberry. She lifts the veil - at last - on this universe that is as mysterious as it is fascinating.

Departure: 35 rue de la cerisaie, Paris 4

Arrival: rue des barres, Paris 4

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35 rue de la cerisaie 75004 Paris

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Sophie Irles

Evénements sensoriels & balades parfumées dans Paris.

La passion de Sophie ? Les odeurs, les parfums, leurs histoires, et toutes les émotions qui en surgissent.

Et ce qu'elle aime encore plus, les raconter !

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