Olympic Quest - The Summer Game Group activity


Corporate Olympics for your next Team Building!

Every 4 years, the Chosen One of the Olympic Games must retrieve the sacred Flame of the Greek mythological gods from the top of Olympus and bring it back to humans.

To do this, the bearers of the Flame and Achilles, their representative, must help Odysseus, their champion, to brave the trials of the gods to retrieve the Flame.

In this epic, collaborative and humorous adventure, participants are transported between games of Antiquity and references to the contemporary world (personalities, culture and technologies).

A game to relax and have fun as a team.

In the spirit of an ancient universe, dive into the heart of a colourful summer adventure!

Participants take part in a series of challenges and physical activities: construction games, relay races, quizzes, mimes, riddles, etc.

Help Ulysses solve the riddles in the temples of Greek deities to get to the flame and carry it to the next Olympics! Team events where cooperation, coordination and reflection are essential qualities.

NB: The physical activity is moderate and can be adjusted according to the capacity of the participants.

Capacity: From 8 people. 6 to 8 people per team.

Location: Private area. Park of a privatized castle. Terrace. Garden...

Duration: About 01H30

Set up : 01H / Play : 01H30 / Dismantling : 45 minutes


Visual and audio supports

Construction material


2 facilitators

The Plus:

Take advantage of the good weather to get together outside.

A dynamic Adventure Show and a story anchored in the Olympics.

Divine challenges combining thinking skills and physical activities.

In French or English.

When to do this activity?

As soon as the sun is on the horizon (in spring and summer)!

Customisation possible : Add your own questions.

Add a 20 question quiz to your game!

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