Potions & Co - Theatrical Escape Game creating cocktails Group activity


A Team Building cocktail creation activity immersed in a theatrical Escape Game with actors.

An activity that combines 3 activities in the heart of Paris!

Un Poison Presque Parfait is a 2-hour immersive experience halfway between immersive theatre, an escape game and a cocktail creation workshop!

Add some magic to your experience with Potions and co!

Located in the heart of Paris, just a stone's throw from the Louvre, Potions & Co is the place to discover the secret and mysterious world of alchemy, in total immersion, for a cocktail experience like no other!

Embark on the Potions & Co adventure, a friendly, fun and offbeat experience!

Learn the rudiments of alchemy by concocting your first potion yourself.

Take on the challenges and enigmas that lie in wait as you sip delicious magic potions!


LES POTIONS DE NICOLAS - Molecular cocktailworkshop

Concept: Welcome to the Potions and co school of alchemy!

Put on your alchemist's apprentice cloak and learn the basics to concoct your first magic potions!

Your workshop: Follow the teachings of Nicolas Flamel and try your hand at making the Philosopher's Elixir!

You'll be able to sip your delicious creations!

Length of experience: 1H30

Number of players: 12 to 25 people

Includes 2 DIY cocktails (with or without alcohol).

UN POISON PRESQUE PARFAIT - Immersive cocktail experience with professional actors.

Concept: Un Poison Presque Parfait is a 2-hour immersive experience halfway between immersive theatre, escape game and cocktail experience.

Put on your alchemist's apprentice cape and discover a mysterious world where you'll meet some strange characters!

Your mission: Investigate the strange poisoning of the school's Grand Master, Nicolas Flamel!

Solve the trials and puzzles that lie in your path while sipping delicious magic potions!

Length of experience: 2 hours

Number of players: 12 to 40 people

Including 3 cocktails (with or without alcohol), 1st in DIY.

Team organisation: We will form teams of 4 to 6 players who will work on the same scenario, at the same time.


Available in French and English

Possibility of organising a buffet lunch/dinner or snack before or after the session

Partnerships with nearby meeting rooms. Small meetings and presentations can be held on the premises.

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