Street Art Tour + Live Painting + Workshop Group activity


Street art tour + meeting with an artist + live painting + workshop

This is a discovery of a Parisian district through its common history with urban arts.

Wander between the murals of the XIIIth, the frescoes and vandal interventions of the XIXth or the trucks and roofs of the XIth and XXth arrondissements of Paris.

Discover Paris graffiti, its history, its techniques, its challenges...

The last part of the experience is devoted to a meeting with a graffiti artist who offers a direct mediation and an exclusive look at his creation, in its context of creation: the street!

Don't be a witness but an actor of the creation!

Alongside the artist, take part in the creation of a work, from its conception to its completion. The theme chosen for the work can be related to the company, its logo, its staff.

Languages: French, English and Spanish

Group size: 5-50 people

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