Survival course - Team Building Group activity


Program "A la carte" to be defined at the time of your request.

Here is an overview of the programme of a survival course for Team Building:

In order to survive in the wilderness, you need to show skill, resistance and solidarity!

Equipped with a "road book" and a "survival kit", each team will have to develop their skills and pass various tests allowing them to become true "Survivors"!

During one of your quad outings, you wanted to cross a flooded river! Your quad got stuck in the middle! No one knows where you are, there are no houses within a radius of 15 km, it's late, you're cold,... You have just fallen into a survival situation. You have to think fast and hard: what are your priorities? Water, fire, food, your shelter... ?

1 - BUILDING YOUR SHEETING: each team will have to build a shelter for 6 people with an integrated floor mat and only 2 tarpaulins and 7 wooden poles. Time limit: 45 minutes (at the end of the event an artistic and functional mark will be awarded).

2 - FIRE MAKING: Because fire is life! Because knowing how to make fire is to remain human, because having fire allows you to be dry, because eating cooked meat is better! Each team will have to make fire with two pieces of wood and a bow (friction technique). A demonstration will be given in front of each team to make sure they understand the right gestures. Time limit 40min.

3 - EAT: Initiation test to become a real "survivor" (insects and fish eyes to be tasted without moderation). This workshop will reveal all the motivation of the teams! 6 upside down bowls will contain delicious little things to eat. Protein-packed snacks. Time limit: 15 minutes. At the end of the event a speed score will be given.

4 - ORIENTATION: Classic compass orientation test with a reminder of the main principles of course setting, aiming, etc. Each team will have to find a path among the map. Each team must find a path through the vegetation to reach "civilisation". Each waypoint will be described or photographed by the teams. Time limit: 60 minutes. At the end of the event, a speed mark will be awarded.

5 - RESULTS: At the end of the event, the guide will announce the final ranking. The best teams will be rewarded with a "best survivor diploma" and a T-shirt made from corn and bamboo fibre.

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