Team building Drums and percussion: Discovering the rhythms Group activity


At the location of your choice.

Our team of passionate professional artists/coaches offer you unique and tailor-made events. The aim is to boost team cohesion, develop everyone's creativity, release stress, break down barriers, but above all to unite employees in an energising atmosphere.

5 team building activities based on rhythm:


The djembe drums will be a real team building tool. This workshop develops non-verbal communication and breaks down barriers. It strengthens the bonds of a group and boosts team cohesion in a friendly atmosphere. Under the guidance of our coaches, participants will develop their ability to listen and concentrate while sharing a common energy.

Duration: 20mn to 02h00 - Capacity: 10 to 1000 people.


Come and vibrate to the sounds of Brazilian drums and experience the festive atmosphere of Rio carnival! The actors will develop their listening skills and communicate through the language of rhythm. Accessible to all, this workshop allows participants to create a real percussion orchestra while sharing a collective project. This approach allows to federate, to release energies, to let go while energizing the team spirit.

Duration: 20mn to 02h00 - Capacity: 10 to 300 people.


Ideal for releasing energy, creating links and boosting team cohesion. Participants discover how to make music using their own body, the only instrument at their disposal. Our coaches will introduce guests to the huge variety of sounds that can be created by clapping, snapping and stomping. Listening, concentration and team synchronisation will be the keys to success.

Duration: 20mn to 01h30 - Capacity: 10 people to unlimited


Ideal for your large-scale events, this interactive animation guarantees an explosive atmosphere with very simple logistics. Each participant receives a pair of "tap taps" (inflatable tube) and under the direction of our coaches the teams will have to beat to the same rhythm in order to build a real percussion orchestra. Professional percussionists, dancers and acrobats will be on stage to share a unique and unforgettable show with the participants.

Duration: 20mn to 01h00 - Capacity: 200 people to unlimited

Possible cities: Paris / Nantes / Lyon / Bordeaux / Nice

Courses are available in French or English.

On your premises, outside, or at the venue of your event.

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