Team Building Fury Room: the room where everything breaks down Group activity


Bring out your personality and those of your colleagues!

Release your inner anger but in an unusual and playful way! And above all, in a safe place.

It's a new way to let off steam. Get away from your lifestyle and codes and let loose, that's exactly what you need during your Team Building activity.

Living in a city like Paris can be extremely stressful and we tend to keep our frustrations and anger inside us, with no way to let it out.

This is where the idea of the Fury Room® came from.

The different rooms you will have access to:

Troublemaker (8 bottles)

Housebreaker (8 bottles + 4 glasses + 4 plates)

Madhouse (fully equipped room with an office or flat theme: bottles, glasses, screen)

Chaos (fully equipped room with an office or flat theme: bottles, glasses, screen, furniture)

Madness (fully equipped room on the theme office or flat: bottles, glasses, screen, printer, furniture)

Possible options :

- Catering formula: cocktail party

- Aperitif formula (tapas, pizzas...)

- Snack + Cake

- Film: photos and videos

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