Team Building Laser Sabre: In the shoes of a Jedi knight Group activity


Give your teams a fun time! Draw strength from each of your employees! Lead forward-thinking seminars! By combining games, sports and imagination, create a real fusion between team members.

3 types of services:

- Lightsaber course: We offer you a total immersion in the Star Wars universe by offering you a lightsaber combat course. Learn how to handle the noble weapon of a civilized era.

- Combo Lightsaber - Magic - Mentalism: between Fiction and Reality. An immersive experience in the Star Wars universe: "Which side of the Force will you be on? ".

Our learning method allows to weave links and to make obvious synergies between the cohesion of a group and that of a company thanks to the combination of experiences of magic, mentalism and the laser sabre, by associating the game, the sport and the imaginary.

Your team is divided into 2 groups:

- The lightsaber course: a real combat course with a warm-up, followed by the learning of basic attacks and defences. Combined with playful exercises allowing a better management of emotions and stress in everyday life. Activity punctuated by a guided meditation.

- The Force Experience: visual, participative, playful and bluffing experiences on the theme of Star Wars such as card effects, predictions, prodigious memory, divination, hypnosis afin to entertain and learn to master the best communication techniques.

The 2 groups will meet at the fin to pool their findings.

- A continuous animation in fil rouge of your evenings: Very simply, you reserve us a space of minimum 15m², and your guests come by themselves in small groups to take initiations. We can add fighting or choreography demonstrations if you wish.

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46 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin, 75010, Paris

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Sport Saber League

On à tous une pote ou un copain qui ricane quand on lui évoque le fait qu’on fait du sabre laser comme sport...

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