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A "Hip-Hop" / "Urban Arts" Team Building in Paris! Yes, it does exist!

Why not treat your colleagues to an artistic experience? A special "urban arts" theme day for your next seminar/team building in Paris!

Create an urban arts extravaganza featuring a range of hiphop disciplines(graffiti, beatboxing, dance, DJing) as well as unusual artistic workshops!

It's the ideal way to unite your teams and add a touch of youth and fun. And dust off the clichés.

An art form that has just celebrated its 50th anniversary deserves a Team Building format! Even more so in Paris, which was the cradle of hip-hop in the early 90s!

Here are some examples of workshops and events that could make up your package:


An original, fun and participative activity. an introduction to the art of DJing led by a real Paris DJ School.


If you dream of being able to imitate the sounds of musical instruments (such as percussion and brass instruments), a beatbox expert will introduce you to his art. You'll leave with a mouthful of sound effects.


A workshop based on oral expression and a love of words.

Slam combines writing, speaking, expression and music through rhythm, sound and intonation.

Our artist brings together different writing techniques (free verse, prose, improvisation), diction and games to embody intimate and accurate speech. Discover a new artistic language accessible to all, based on individual creativity and spontaneity, and let go.


Create a collective fresco!

Opt for the construction of a made-to-measure collective work of art, devised by your employees and supervised by an artist, with a focus on sharing and getting involved.

The street artists and graffiti artists we call on are passionate and educational, and are keen to share their creativity in a warm and creative atmosphere.

An example of how this works: 1 hour 15 minutes workshop (in small groups) with discussions on how to create graffiti, learning how to use an aerosol can and then creating a mural.

The murals are painted on wooden panels measuring 2.50m x 1.25m, which participants keep after the event.


In one way or another, basketball is linked to hip-hop. And even more so in the 90s in the United States. We'll be bringing you a troupe of dunkers for an immersive show.

We can even set up at the venue of your choice!

We can even introduce you to Dunks and get you involved in a fun tournament.


Take part in a Custom Workshop to personalise your best (or oldest) sneakers

THE OPTONS - Depending on the format of your event

A DJ - For a cover of the best hiphop hits of the 90s!


To set the mood and give you a demonstration of this cult dance, which will become an Olympic discipline at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games next summer.


Discover the legendary songs of hip-hop in a frenzied musical quiz!

CONCERT - A live band will perform covers of hits from the 90s and 2000s. A pop version for a corporate party atmosphere.

Venue: At the venue of your choice. We can suggest a number of venues in and around Paris.

Format: Half-day / Day / Evening / Day + Evening

Are you tempted? Make a lasting impression and spray-paint your company's memories!

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