Team survey + VR Experience: Flying over Paris Group activity


More than a simple Team Building, discover a totally immersive venue in the heart of Paris, where you can carry out 2 activities over the course of the day.

A team investigation or a great musical game. Then the Fly View VR experience.

More than a seminar 2.0, more than a Team Building 2.0, discover this unique format in Paris!

Over a period of 2 hours, for up to 45 people, opt for an unusual and collaborative Team Building activity, followed by the FlyView VR experience, a flight over the capital (or France)!

On the programme:

1 collaborative experience of your choice: (Descriptions of these activities below)

- Arsène Lupin

- Agent 006

- Be A Star

1 virtual reality (VR) experience - 4 to choose from

Over France: Fly like a bird over France's most beautiful sites.

Paris Caché (Hidden Paris ): Take a surprising journey through places that are inaccessible to the public.

Pyramids: The mythical Pyramids of Egypt reveal their secrets.

Reliving Notre-Dame: Enter the cathedral to relive its beauty before and after the fire.

Discover a unique and immersive concept right in the heart of Paris. A"2 in 1" package with 2 activities over the course of the day, all in the same place.

Enjoy spectacular virtual reality experiences to discover Paris and the most exceptional places on the planet from a totally new perspective.

This is no ordinary Virtual Reality... Here, you're a bird! Here, you fly over Paris, between the monuments and emblematic districts of the capital!

As an option, we can offer you a breakfast reception and a cocktail lunch at this venue.

Sample schedule:

08.50: Arrival of guests

09:00: Coffee reception

09h30 : Morning meeting

12:30: Cocktail lunch

14:45/50: VR Experience

15h30 : Collaborative Experience - Arsène Lupin OR Be a Star OR Agent 006

5.30 pm: End



You've passed the first recruitment tests to become Arsène Lupin's understudy with flying colours!

So you've been invited to the final selection phase. But just as you were learning the secrets of the master of deception, the mission goes wrong...

Step into the shoes of the character and plunge into a wild adventure that lives up to the reputation of the famous Arsène Lupin.

Accompanied by your instructor, and as a team, you'll have to face up to the events that will disrupt your training as the future Arsène Lupin!

Your objective: Think Arsène Lupin, live Arsène Lupin: be the most cunning and inventive team! Guide Lupin and help him with his choices: the higher your rate of good decisions, the more points you earn and the more you beat the other teams. The other teams take part in the same test as you, simultaneously, to become the next gentleman detective.

Share your information and exchange elements with each other to advance in the adventure and make the most cunning decisions in line with Arsène Lupin's values: become the heroes of history!


Live action directed by the players! With Agent 006, discover a brand new form of Team Building! In this memorable investigation, you'll try to put together the best team of analysts to join the Prometheus research centre. Achilles, your instructor at the centre, will assess your team's analytical and communication skills. You'll have to work together and coordinate to guide Ulysses, your field agent.

It's your collective choices that directly influence all of Ulysse's actions, and it's only thanks to you that he'll be able to find Henry G, the missing professor...

PRINCIPLE: You have just 1H30/2H to complete your objective.

You and the members of your team are on a permanent video-call to synchronise your correct answers and to guide Achille, the assistant-actor, who is present in the field with an on-board camera: the higher your rate of correct answers, the more points you earn and the more you beat the other teams.

They too take part in the same test as you at the same time to become the best analysts!


Combining the frenzied rhythm of the quiz with the festive, musical dimension of karaoke, Be a Star is a collective moment of good humour.

The game is a melting-pot of the classics of musical and evening entertainment:

- BLIND TEST: all styles, covers, speed blind tests

- DON'T FORGET THE WORDS: the great classic

- QUIZ: musical culture, fun facts

- THE GROUP PHOTO: In future album cover mode

- KARAOKE BATTLE: The apotheosis of the game, the teams battle it out in frenzied karaoke, with the ruthless jury noting the singing, dancing, staging and atmosphere in the audience!


Much more than just a test of culture and speed!

Take part in a frenzied quiz, punctuated by themes and challenges.

The host will ask one question after another, offering a variety of tests (blind-tests, mimes, speed games, etc.) and surprising the audience... The tension mounts, the scores change, bonuses and penalties fly in all directions, and everything can change at any moment!

It's easy to set up, and can be divided into several game times.

Original themes to suit all tastes.

You can personalise the quiz with your own questions

CAPACITY: 8 to 45 people.

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