The Biodiversity Fresco - CSR game Group activity


The Biodiversity Fresco, the great CSR game for your next responsible Team Building event on Reunion Island!

A fun and creative card game about preserving the planet!

A collaborative, fun and scientific workshop to discover biodiversity and understand the causes and consequences of its erosion.

Played by tables of 5 to 7 participants.

With 2 tables for the facilitators.

The "Biodiversity Fresco" workshops raise awareness of the major issue of biodiversity and the urgent need to act to preserve it, through a fun, scientific card game played collectively.

The workshop is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Introduction to biodiversity with the discovery of how ecosystems function and how they are disrupted.

Participants have to reconstruct a balanced ecosystem, then understand the impact that a disturbance has on it.

Phase 2: Construction of the fresco using 39 cards distributed in 5 modules.

The participants, divided into teams of 5 to 7, have to find the links between the cards to understand what biodiversity is, what it contributes and what damages it.

Phase 3: Creativity phase during which each team personalizes and titles its fresco to make it their own, giving free rein to their creativity.

Phase 4: Debriefing and summary with collective reflection on collective and individual solutions to preserve biodiversity.

Capacity: 5 to 150 people

Location: At your event venue. The activity can be held anywhere on the island.

Duration: 03 hours

Methods and logistics for running this workshop : 1 facilitator for 16 participants. Depending on the number of participants, several facilitators may be required.

Plan 2 meetings with the company beforehand to prepare the brainstorming phase.

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