The car that makes sense - Team Building Eco-construction Group activity


Build your own 100% recyclable cardboard racing car with this essential construction team building. A mechanical and creative challenge awaits your teams!

Your "URO" (Unidentifiable Rolling Object) must be able to transport 1 person on a pre-established course and carry the colours of your team or your company during the final race.

Based on precise specifications, each team dives into the creation of its own cardboard vehicle... The assembly plans are easy to understand and leave a lot of room for improvisation. Beyond the technical challenge offered by this team building activity, this team building activity is a real team booster and a perfect revelation of your teams' ability to collaborate, communicate and organise themselves efficiently.

The cardboard car team building is not only a mechanical challenge. The "car" will have to be customised, aesthetic, ergonomic and functional, which will require the mobilisation of all team members. The participants embark on a totally captivating and unifying challenge punctuated by various dynamic test sessions. This team building will end with the final presentation of the vehicle to a very demanding jury.

Manufacturing, creativity, imagination, coordination, management... For all this, the activity develops all the qualities of teamwork! Both fun and immersive, this unmissable team building activity is also based on an ecological value by using 100% recyclable and/or reusable materials.

You can organise your cardboard car eco team building all year round, whatever the weather, as part of an outdoor team building or an indoor team building activity.

This construction team building can also take the form of the construction of a cardboard train, a cardboard plane or a cardboard bridge to experience, as a team, an unusual and meaningful activity.

Up to 1000 people.

Anywhere in France, at the location of your choice! Indoors or outdoors.

From 1H45 to 03H00.

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