The Chocolate Canvas - Chocolate Team Building Workshop Group activity


Chocolate paintings to explore individual creativity.

A painter accompanied by a master chocolatier comes to the location of your choice with all the necessary materials to make one or more chocolate paintings.

With the help of the artist, the participants learn to use their individuality to create an original work of art that will reflect the unique spirit of their team, because a group also has its own personality.

"La Toile Chocolatée" offers a group the opportunity to produce and enjoy a work of art that accurately reflects the inimitable combination of a unique set of skills.

The sharing and cohesion aspects:

- The group must develop a common THOUGHT in order to develop a coherent work project.

- The group produces a unique, inimitable artistic CREATION. This collective act is deeply rewarding, but it implies that each of us, individually, puts our creative talents to work.

- The group can then proceed to SHARE the work created, in the true sense of the word, since the paintings are broken up and everyone can consume or keep part of them.

- Finally, the group enjoys an extraordinary moment of RELAXATION, as chocolate invites, by taste as well as smell, to conviviality and exuberance.

At the location of your choice.

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