The Impossible Bridge Challenge - Creative Team Building Group activity


At the location of your choice! Up to 400 participants.

Each team must create a real bridge (Golden Gate, Bridge...) according to a given plan and a set of materials.

Each bridge will then be connected to the other bridges to create a general structure that will allow a model vehicle to connect the two points at the ends of the bridge.

If the vehicle manages to cross the bridge without any part of it collapsing, the bet is won for the whole team!

This Team Building has the particularity to offer the 2 expected sides: cohesion and competition. Indeed, the teams have to build the most beautiful and strongest bridge, but also ensure the connection between each of these parts. The work of each team, and the cohesion between them, will make this challenge possible. If one of the connections or a part of the bridge collapses, the whole group loses the challenge due to lack of coordination.

Sharing of tasks: For each creation, the teams in place will share the work: the builders, the engineers, the decorators who will all work together for the success of the challenge. It will then be up to the teams to work together to finalise the connections.

Including sound, decoration, equipment and animators.

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