Theatrical Escape Game : 1H30 to save your room Group activity


Giant Escape game 100% collaborative with a theatre setting. Can be played on your premises.

In small groups of 3 to 6, the group has 1h30 to reach ONE common objective: to free themselves and reconstitute a theatre set.

In Loft 11 and its 150m² main room, take part in one of the most innovative and original Team Building activities of the moment!


You are the famous theatre group of the moment.

You have to go on stage in 1h30 for the premiere of "Un fil à la patte" by Feydeau.

The only problem is that the rival company has tried to sabotage everything. They have drugged you, tied you up and messed up your set!

Good players (or not), they have left you some clues.

Will you manage to free yourself and rebuild the set so that you are ready to go on stage before the audience arrives?

Awarded Best Game Innovation at SEG 2018

Criteria for carrying out the game: it is necessary to have 1 space of 100m² minimum as well as an area of approximately 7.5x4.5m² to install the theatre set (30m²).

The other game elements are spread over the rest of the space.

Why choose a mobile Escape Game?

To offer an unusual moment of cohesion during your seminars or corporate team building.

The creators are two sisters who, in 2015, decided to develop a concept of mobile Escape Games, seduced by the collaborative force of this type of game. Having grown up in a family where everything was settled over a good game of Pictonary or Tarot, it was important for them to highlight the relational aspect of the game in their project.

Calling on this team means working with a company that is passionate about games in general, that listens to your needs, and that specialises in professional events. It means living unique, unusual and immersive experiences, thanks to mobile or digital Escape Games adapted to each situation.


Special attention to storytelling. And a real setting transported to the location of your event.

Small personalized touches with your company's logo (a gift per player, team signs).

Photos taken on the big day and made available to you the day after the event.

Individualised support and great adaptability to fit in with your organisation and set up in record time.

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75000 Paris

Our partner

Le Fil Rouge

 Notre histoire : 2 sœurs qui en 2015 décident de développer un concept d’Escape Games nomades, séduites par la force collaborative de ce mode de jeu. Ayant grandi dans une famille où tout se réglait autour d’une bonne partie de Pictonary ou de Tarot, il était important pour elles de mettre en avant l’aspect relationnel du jeu dans leur projet.

Découvrez des Escape Game, enchaînés les uns aux autres. Mais aussi beaucoup d'autres activités thématiques : Escape Game théâtral, autour du vin, jeu de piste sur Brassens...

Activités idéales pour vos Team Buildings !

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