Top Vigneron - Create your wine and sell it Group activity


More than a team building and a game around wine, make your sales and commercial talents work!

Create your own wine, in teams, then sell it... in front of real oenologists!

To better understand a wine, there is nothing like "making" it yourself. "Top Vigneron" is a unique moment during which we have recreated a situation for you and your colleagues in which you yourself are the winemaker.

Will you be up to the challenge?

The different teams will go through 3 stages:

1- Which winemaker are you? Learn more about your oenological abilities.

2- Creating your own wine!

3- Marketing your wine.

This animation is highly interactive and educational, the participants exchange notably with our oenologist animators.

To better understand and experience the richness of a blend. The experience is unique and highly recommended for wine lovers and neophytes alike.

Course of the animation

Part 1: Which winemaker are you? Assessment of your skills.

This first part is designed to allow participants to get to know themselves better by evaluating their sensitivity to tastes (sweet, salty, bitter & acid) and aromas. This module takes the form of spontaneous recognition of an aqueous solution. And 3 extracts of aromas present in wine and tasting a wine.

Part 2: Create your own wine!

Each team will define its own winemaking project (Make a great wine, a block buster, a garage wine, an organic wine...).

Once this objective is defined, each team will choose 3 batches of wines (among 4 proposed) to make their own blend.

The Vade-mecum du Vigneron as well as the interventions of the "consultant oenologist" will guide the budding winemakers. Once this strategic and delicate stage is completed, a sample, in accordance with the initial project, will be given to our jury composed of the world's greatest tasters.

Creating, blending and making your own wine is the quintessential part of being a winemaker.

Part 3: Marketing your wine.

While our experts are deliberating, the teams will be able to fine-tune the marketing of their own wine.

* Designing the label

* Slogan and tagline

* Positioning / pricing

Once all these elements have been defined, a debriefing, including a tasting note, will be conducted by the animation team.

The different teams will be evaluated and ranked.


In Paris and all over France, in all wine-producing regions.

A challenge that can be organised both indoors and outdoors and that we can organise in the heart of the vineyards for even more realism.

A federative event that can be experienced like an Olympiad, with the added pleasure of tasting!

Advantages of the event: Very instructive and fun. Generates enthusiasm among your employees. Very unifying. An original Team Building idea!

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