Treasure hunt at the Musée d'Orsay Group activity


Your company takes on the Musée d'Orsay during a treasure hunt to discover the most beautiful works of art in this museum!


Gaé Aulenti, an architect, has discovered a paranormal secret: a space-time portal that allows time travel is hidden in the Musée d'Orsay. Gaé has identified 6 powerful symbols within the museum. Lead the investigation to find the portal.


To carry out an investigation together, while enjoying some of the most beautiful works in the Museum.

How it works

Players are divided into teams and walk around the Musée d'Orsay to find the clues. They are equipped with a roadbook to guide them on their way. They must then cross-reference all the information they have gathered to discover the portal...

An opportunity to admire a cultural masterpiece of Paris!

Course of the game

The participants are welcomed by a guide at the entrance of the Museum or in a café. He or she will brief them on the game, explain the rules and provide them with the materials for the game.

- Each team then sets off to carry out its own investigation in the museum, independently.

They have to discover the steps of the game, solve the riddles... The facilitator is present on site to ensure that all the groups progress and that there are no blockages.

- After an hour and a half of play, the players meet at the Museum exit.

- The game master then debriefs the game for all the teams.

- At the end of the game, the host announces the 3 winning teams!

A treasure hunt combining games with the discovery of the greatest works of French heritage.

From 10 to 70 players.

Duration: 02H00


The list of participants.

We ask you to book this activity at least 2 weeks in advance, as our teams must ensure that the works of art in the Museum are still accessible for your game.


Animation with the presence of animators depending on the number of participants, printing of clues and notebooks, provision of materials.

Entrance tickets to the Musée d'Orsay.


Customisation of the questions linked to your company.

Reward for the 3 winning teams (organic and artisanal chocolates)

Reservation of rooms & catering.

What is a "Treasure Hunt"?

A treasure hunt is a fun event where participants, grouped in teams, must solve a riddle and/or find a gift/treasure hidden by the organisers. Clues are provided to help them reach their goal. A "Roadmap" is also provided to help everyone know where to go.

The treasure hunt is supervised by animators. Most of them are only at the start and the finish. Most of the time, the game is played independently. Of course, the guides are always available by telephone.

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