Treasure hunt from the Saline to the Hermitage - Issam the Shipwrecked Group activity


In the footsteps of "Issam the castaway", a treasure hunt, in motion, on a 6 kilometre course.

Have you always dreamed of living the adventures of Indiana Jones or those of the pirate "La buse"?

Reunion Island will be your playground, a real life-size treasure map!

Synopsis: With your team, follow the tracks of Issam, a shipwrecked man who ran aground on our island a long time ago and who took care to hide his riches before disappearing.

From La Saline les bains to Saint-Gilles, walking through gullies, streets, beaches and forests, follow in his footsteps and go back in time to discover the truth.

What is it about?

It's a treasure hunt in motion on a route from point A to point B.

Like "Peking Express", this treasure hunt means that you don't stay in one place.

Instead, you can find clues along the way. And to see the landscape!

It is not a race. You have to go at your own pace. And take it as a "fun walk". You don't feel the miles have passed, whether you are a sportsman or not.

Distance to be covered: 6 kms

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