TV Challenge: Challenges based on the greatest TV games Group activity


Team Building on the theme of TV and the hit shows of the 90s!

A totally unusual activity that will play with your memories and your sense of competition and challenge. In Paris and throughout France, on request.

When your event turns into a TV set!

"TV Challenge" is an evening of entertainment that plunges you into the world of TV shows from the past:"Des Chiffres et des lettres", "La Roue de la fortune", "Le Juste Prix", "Une famille en or" and the more recent "Nouvelle Star"... Nostalgia is guaranteed!

Get together in teams and take part in a variety of tests inspired by cult TV shows. Culture, reflection, logic or dexterity...

Pool all your team's talents to win maximum ratings points and stay on the programme schedule!

The concept can be set up in 2 ways, each requiring a different organisation:

  • Day formula: Each stand is manned by a host who explains the rules of the game and grades the team at the end of their round. The teams rotate through all the stands, competing against another team each time.
  • Sit-down format: Gathered in teams (1 table = 1 team), try to win as many events as possible. 1 or more designated representatives (depending on the challenge) take on their competitors on stage. Throughout the show, a presenter will suggest different challenges, all inspired by famous TV shows.

A video projection and sound system will be set up in the game area

Example of challenges


Answer the riddles correctly to turn the wheel and discover the mystery phrase before your competitors.


Use the letters to make up the longest word, then use the numbers to perform various calculations to obtain the required sum.


You are presented with different product sheets and prices. It's up to you to match the products to the right amounts.


In teams, find the answers most often given by the French people surveyed to the questions asked by the presenter.


In a time-limited relay, mime for your team-mates the expression, film title or object displayed behind them on the screen.


We like to taste it, not make it: Chantilly cream! Take turns in your team to make the best cream before the clock runs out.


Be faster than your opponents at answering the various general knowledge questions posed by the host.


Culture, logic or survey questions, it's up to you to give the right answers to be the first to climb the stairs.


Challenge your opponents to a song. But be careful, the microphone records your performance and calculates your accuracy. The score displayed may surprise you...

Typical sequence

Presentation of the activity by the entertainment team.

Announcement of the teams and distribution of the road books.

The activities take place.

Announcement of the results and presentation of a symbolic prize to the winners.

Duration: 01:30 to 03:00

Location: Location of your choice. On your premises, at your event venue or at a venue that we can suggest to you.

Capacity: From 30 to 1000 people.

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