Winter treasure hunt - "The Mountain in Paris". Group activity


A mountain atmosphere on the heights of Montmartre... Welcome to this winter team building.

A fun and dynamic team game on the heights of Montmartre.

The Capital for playground, live the Adventure in team in the heart of Paris!

For an afternoon or an evening, in the cold and - who knows? - under the snowflakes, come and dream of the mountains in the middle of Paris, on the heights of the Butte Montmartre.

Does anyone know the rules of bobsleigh? Curling? Who among you can locate the Beaufortain on a map? What reflex to adopt in an avalanche? And what sugar to sprinkle on your mulled wine? This funny and offbeat adventure will immerse your teams in the warm and friendly atmosphere of winter sports.

Distribution of participants: Teams of 5-6 people. 80 participants maximum

Duration: 2h15

The advantages of this activity: A fun, offbeat team-building activity that smells of mulled wine and cinnamon!

Rules of the game

20 riddles, all with a winter sports theme, have been hidden in capsules and scattered around the Butte Montmartre, in specific places. Divided into teams equipped with armbands, a mission sheet and a Garmin outdoor GPS, you will have 1h30 to find and solve as many riddles as possible.

Please note! Not all the riddles have the same value: some are worth 1 point: they are marked with a yellow label. Others are worth 2 points (orange labels). And others are worth 3 points (red labels).

Then in 1h30, we will all meet again to correct the riddles.

The team that scores the most points at the end of this correction will be declared the winner of the game.

Examples of riddles

Sport, leisure, gastronomy, culture, history, geography: the mountains and winter sports will no longer hold any secrets for you. A great way to have a good time as a team and to start the year in a dynamic way.

1/ Marmot, bear, squirrel. Which of these animals winters?

2/ In which event do the skiers have to get around the poles that are placed very close to each other? Super G? Combined? Or slalom?

3/ There is only one discipline in alpine skiing where skiers have to practice several times on the course before the race, as it is so dangerous. What is this discipline? Downhill, slalom, giant slalom or super G?

The place: Your course in Montmartre: we know the Butte du Sacré Coeur and the tourists. You won't miss it, of course, but you will also discover very quiet places with extraordinary views at the bedside of the basilica (Parc de la Turlure and Rue de la Bonne). You will pass through the vineyards along rue Saint-Vincent, cross rue Cortot, discover the allée des Brouillards and rue de l'Abreuvoir, the beautiful avenue Junot and the unusual Villa Léandre. An ideal playground for your team activity.

Your equipment: The Oregon 450, Garmin outdoor touchscreen GPS

Equipped with a robust, sunlight-readable touch screen, this GPS has a 3-axis magnetic compass (allowing compass reading in any position) and a high-sensitivity satellite receiver. You'll be able to pick up signals everywhere, even in the narrowest of alleys!

The advantage of this system: Unlike a road GPS that will tell you "turn left/turn right", this GPS will show you, via a compass, a direction and a distance to follow as the crow flies. The participants advance according to the hot/cold principle: they do not know, until the last moment, where their target is precisely.

Supervision: at least 1 instructor & 1 leader.

Where to debrief?

The place where the reading and correction of the riddles take place is to be defined beforehand. It can be a café, a restaurant, a hotel...

Include: refreshments, even a prize-giving party, meal, cocktail, aperitif, etc.

This service is not included in the estimate but we can recommend some good addresses.

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