Workshop "Discovering yourself through theatre Group activity


A workshop on expression and creativity between colleagues.

Also available as "This is not improv".

Description :

1. Body and vocal awakening games: group work on the gaze, management of space, listening to others and diction.

2. Games for meeting and discovering others:

- Cross-portrait session: exercise in pairs to present colleagues in an original way and in a non-professional register.

- Find 20 points in common in sub-groups.

3. Theatrical improvisation games:

- still images,

- advertising spot,

- chair of emotions...

Duration: 2h or 3h

Capacity: 1 theatre coach leads a group of 15/20 people maximum.

The number of coaches can then be increased to 100 people or more

Constraint: to have well-defined work spaces/rooms well isolated from noise for each group.

Expected results:

- create complicity

- encourage letting go

- develop confidence in the team

- foster a sense of belonging

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