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From the conception of a new product to its distribution, it often takes many months, even years. When the time comes to announce the launch of a new product, the stakes are high: you need to promote it in a way that creates enough excitement to help you achieve your sales objectives. The launch party is an excellent strategy for giving your marketing campaign the initial impetus it needs. Let's find out how to make a success of your product launch evening in Réunion!

What is a product launch evening?

Organising a product launch evening in Réunion is a way of marking the launch of a new product and creating a buzz among your business partners and consumers. This grandiose event marks the start of your product communication campaign. It sets the tone! la Réunion is the ideal place to make this evening an event not to be missed.

How do you organise a successful product launch party?

Define your creative concept

The creative concept is the foundation of your entire event. Draw inspiration from the story of the product itself, its personality and that of your brand. What values are you cultivating through this new product? who is it aimed at? How is it changing the world in its own way?

arouse the curiosity of the public and the press

Your product launch evening is a teasing mission that will shine for its originality, but above all it must be based on anticipation. In other words, you need to promote... your promotional event! To attract as many people as possible, don't hesitate to turn up the heat on social networks. Cultivate the mystery right up until the moment you lift the veil!

Invite the right people

The right guests are the ones who will create positive spin-offs and maximise the visibility of your product. Press, YouTubers, bloggers, influencers... invite as many relevant people as you can to communicate directly with your target audience.

Focus on the experiential

The most unforgettable events are those in which people actively participate. Rather than letting your guests attend a presentation followed by a buffet, give them an immersive experience through which they can discover your product. More than just a simple test, opt for events that will cultivate their relationship with your brand. Entertainment to enhance your evening:

A videographer to communicate your event and keep a memorable record of it.

A caricaturist to draw portraits of your guests

A microphone host to set the mood and create little quizzes around the product in question.

A photobooth with the product as a personalised background.

An artistic workshop during which you will reproduce the new product (painting, pottery, collage, etc.)

Choose a meaningful location

Incongruous or perfectly in tune, ultra-inclusive or more intimate, depending on the scale of your product launch party and the approach you adopt, choose a venue that will help convey your message. Pay particular attention to the scenography to support the "story" you will be telling about your product.

Unforgettable venues for your product launch evening in Réunion

The Restaurant La Rhumerie de la Réunion, in Saint-Denis

In the heart of the city, this covered open-air restaurant is the ideal venue. Close to everything, but perfectly located to set up a DJ without fear of making too much noise, this brand new gourmet restaurant puts Rum and Pei dishes in the limelight. The dishes concocted by a renowned chef will delight your guests while you reveal your product.

Bassin Bleu Golf Club in the heights of Saint-Gilles

Discover an immense outdoor area offering a 360° panoramic view of the ocean and the island's mountains. Everything is possible here, whether you want to host a giant cocktail party for a thousand people or increase the number of events and take advantage ofit's up to you to design your event the way you want it.

A private Bus-Limousine-Discotheque

Your product launch party will be touring the island! A real travelling nightclub, this vehicle has a driver, a DJ, a barman and a coordinator, and can accommodate up to 40 people for a truly memorable evening.

Domaine La Piscine in Saint-Denis

A 450m² room, a garden terrace with a 180° view of the sea, made-to-measure decorations, equipment and entertainment, and an exceptional catering service: there's enough to host up to 1,000 people for a magical event. it's up to you to personalise this enchanting setting.

Villa Laurina in the heights of Réunion

Nestling at an altitude of 775 metres, this superb Creole building dating from the 1950s boasts a sumptuous garden, uninterrupted ocean views and a large covered terrace. This green setting in the heights of Saint-Paul will become the setting for your launch event and will delight all your guests.


What are the tips for a successful product launch evening in Réunion?

For an unforgettable product launch evening on Reunion Island, choose an exceptional venue. Remember to create a buzz ahead of the event and invite people who can relay positive information to your target audience. Finally, offer a unique and immersive experience.

What is the ideal venue for a product launch evening in Réunion?

The perfect venue for your product launch evening in Réunion is one that will highlight its unique character. Make sure the venue has sufficient capacity and check out the facilities and services on offer.