Whereez , 25/03/2024

Company events are a wonderful way to get away from routine and spend time together in a different context. But when the celebration is dedicated to employees, it takes on a whole new dimension, showing the company's gratitude to those without whom nothing would be possible. As you can see, " staff day " is a concept we can't fail to endorse... as long as we approach it in the right way!

What is a "staff day"?

The term "staff day" is used to describe any company event designed to provide employees with a moment of conviviality, independent of any professional obligations. The idea is to thank employees for their daily efforts (e.g. at the end of the year festivities) or following a particularly intense period in the life of the company. A staff day can take place during working hours, but doesn't have to be limited to that. If you prefer to organise a themed evening or a trip to get away from it all, the positive effect will be the same!

Why organise a staff day?

Everything should be an excuse to have a good time as a team. However, dedicating an event to your employees is a truly rewarding experience for employees and beneficial for the company. It gives concrete expression to the company's recognition of its employees.

To motivate your teams and show your appreciation

The main aim of a staff day is to show your appreciation of your employees in a fun and enjoyable way. Knowing that their efforts are noticed and appreciated profoundly changes your employees' perception of the value of their work and motivates them to remain committed and proud of their contribution.

To strengthen cohesion

By choosing the right activities for your staff day, you can get your teams thinking and working together in a new and exciting context: ideal for improving communication and cohesion!

To create a positive corporate culture

Spending quality time together fosters a sense of belonging and creates a caring atmosphere that has a positive impact on the day-to-day employee experience in your company. It also helps to maintain links between employees, which can be useful in times of crisis.

To help employees get to know each other better

The game breaks down barriers. Employees can get to know each other in a context that encourages them to cultivate more personal relationships, whatever their status within the company.

To combat stress

What if your staff day was all about fun? Having fun and relaxing is good for the mind... and helps you to be more productive!

Some ideas for themes for your staff day

For your staff day, go all out! Focus on a few ideas for themes that will appeal to all your participants.

The big R.S.E. day

R.S.E. is becoming an increasingly important consideration for companies. This event, centred on responsible workshops and activities, focuses on raising awareness of sustainable development in all its societal dimensions, while promising a staff day full of good times. On the programme: DIY workshops, ecological treasure hunts, zero-waste cooking challenges, solidarity lunch prepared by refugee cooks... The choice is yours!

discovering urban/street art

Invite your participants to awaken their inner artist with street art workshops that are freely available, just like a big fair. DJ or beatbox initiation, a slam workshop to combine writing and speaking, a dunk contest, customised trainers, or a graffiti workshop to create a collective fresco together... something to inspire every personality.

A mountain atmosphere for a fun, gourmet experience

Immerse yourself in therelaxed atmosphere of a small mountain village without ever leaving your premises. Raclette bars, fondues, mountain burgers, hot chocolate, mulled wine, a fun area with a mobile curling rink, a ski, snowboard or wingsuit simulator, snowy virtual reality experiences, decoration, fancy dress... It's all there.

Grand Show - Musical and artistic games

Organise a 100% musical staff day. Participants will compete in teams in musical chair tournaments, Just Dance, karaoke, N'oubliez pas les paroles... A succession of zany challenges to delight your employees during a day full of music.

Escape to the tropics

Mission: escape. Take to the tropics for a day out or a successful staff party. West Indian, Creole or Caribbean catering, 100% tropical decor, flower necklaces... everything is planned to get you in the mood and make the most of the entertainment. Surf simulator, wahines show, inflatable limbo, maloya workshop, giant quiz... it's time to get out the Monoï!


What is a staff day?

A staff day is a corporate event organised to thank your staff for their efforts and the quality of their work. This good time spent together will remind them how much their well-being means to your company.

How do you organise a staff day?

You can organise a staff day on your premises or reserve a venue entirely dedicated to the event. Plan fun activities around a theme that everyone will enjoy... and don't forget the refreshments (or a special catering experience)!