Traiteur Mr. Barket 974 : Committed Creole cuisine Caterer


The Creole caterer who comes to you for all your events!

At the venue of your choice (no public venues unless you obtain permission to occupy them! The venue must be a private one. We have a number of venues that we can suggest to you)

"Monsieur Barket", a committed Creole caterer working exclusively with local produce and home-made dishes. Leftovers are distributed to homeless associations.

A giant buffet of Réunionese dishes on the move for your event. With buffet service, crockery, furniture and tablecloths!

Dishes can be served in banana leaves!

Monsieur Barket" values

- Mr Barket promotes solidarity, mutual aid and sharing to combat food waste and malnutrition.

All this is achieved by creating a short circuit between local producers, their workers, including disabled workers, their professionals and their various social partners.

- Mr Barket's innovation, as its name suggests, lies in the design of the ecological tray, of course, but also in the redistribution of our unsold food to the most disadvantaged.

- Disabled workers are at the heart of this project, helping to make, distribute and discover Creole culinary culture.

- The pleasure of a homeless person receiving a typical, balanced hot Creole meal, whether here on Réunion or in mainland France or elsewhere. Because Mr Barket is exporting to mainland France.

At Mr Barket, we believe in the power of food to bring people together, create links and support our community.

We're proud to bring you authentic, tasty Creole cuisine prepared with love, while making a social difference. Leftovers will go to a charity for the homeless.

100% homemade dishes!

APERITIVES: 5 to choose from: Burgers, pizzas, quiches, verines, samoussas, hot dogs, kebabs and kebabs.

ENTERINGS: A salad and gratin with 2 crispy chickens OR 1 kebab.


Shop Suey: Chicken OR Pork OR Turkey OR Fish.

Carry au Feu de Bois: Chicken OR Pork OR Turkey.

Wood-fired Massalé: Chicken OR Pork.

Sausage Rougail

With Rice/Grain/Sauce Chilli.

DESSERTS: 2 mini cakes of your choice and a fruit table.


Soft drinks : Water, Lemonade, Coke, Juice.

Alcoholic drinks: House Punch with Rum, Dodo Beer, Wine, Cider or Whisky.

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