CSR Photo Novel - An adventure in pictures Group activity


In teams, create your own CSR "photo novel" in the streets of your town!

Scenario and CSR objective:

After a brief introduction to the history of photography and a review of the main technical aspects of polaroid photography, participants give free rein to their creativity by embodying their dream superhero.

Using costumes and props, they will dramatise their responsible daily actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

The aim of this dramatisation is to reflect their CSR commitments and resolutions to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and help preserve the earth's natural resources.

The workshop highlights their positive commitment to sustainable development through simple everyday ecological actions.

The participants, divided into teams, then create their own photo novel using a fill-in-the-blank scenario and tell their story to demonstrate their awareness.


To create a photo novel to remember the good times we had together and to discover the basics of smartphone and Polaroid photography.

How it works

The workshop takes place in two stages. First, the apprentices take a course with a professional photographer to learn the basics of Polaroid and smartphone photography. Secondly, they create a photo novel using 7 Polaroids. All the equipment is provided.

Course of the game

Participants are welcomed by a host and a photographer, who gives them the basics of smartphone photography for around 20 minutes.

Participants are divided into teams and given a polaroid camera. The host gives them a scenario and guides them through the scenes they will be photographing.

A trunk of costumes and props is provided. They are then on their own for 1 hour to take the 7 shots. They are guided by the photographer and the facilitator.

They are then given a pen-and-ink board on which to add text, drawings, etc. to their photos.

At the end, a vote is held for the best story and the best rendition!

What you need

A space where participants can walk around or go out to take photos.

The place where everyone is gathered can be: a meeting room, an amphitheatre, a café, a restaurant, etc.


Rewards for the 3 winning teams (organic and home-made chocolates)

Photo report

Room reservations & catering

Duration: 02H00

From 10 to 100 players

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