Escape Game: Al Capone-Legend of the Samurai-Oppression Group activity


An escape game puts you in the shoes of an adventurer or an investigator.

For 60 minutes, you'll have to solve riddles, play logic games, activate mechanisms, handle unusual objects and find keys, in settings that will transport you to incredible worlds.

The ideal experience to test your group spirit and build cohesion!

You'll have access to 3 rooms:

Al Capone's lair: In 1925, Al Capone and his henchmen control the prohibition and gambling market throughout America. In the United States in the 1920s, Prohibition was raging. Based in Chicago, Al Capone and his fellow crooks control the alcohol and illegal gambling markets. Trapped in their lair, will you find a way to escape? Keep your cool and your nerves of steel - the Mafia's henchmen are close!

Will you end up free or at the bottom of a lake? Exit rate: 58

The Legend of the Samurai: Spies sent by the Japanese secret service, here you are at the entrance to the Kajitomo mansion, descendants of a famous shogun. Commissioned by the Emperor, you and your team of detectives are investigating the descendants of an illustrious samurai. You've snuck into one of their homes. Caught in a trap, you now have to use your skills to get out.

Can you keep your cool? Exit rate: 39

Oppression: A room with a "horror" theme.

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