Foot en folie: Unusual team building around football Group activity


Several football structures: Team Building "Euro 2024 Péi

How about organising your company's Euro 2024 in Réunion?

A team-building activity that's both sporty and fun (depending on your preferences) based around special football inflatables!

Whether you're a sports fan or not, you'll be able to play all the different games without the slightest problem - there's something for everyone!

On the site of your event, or in a venue that we can privatise for you, we can organise a number of matches.

Each team will compete in all the practices to earn points.

The different practices :

- Mini pitch 4 vs 4 (or 5 vs 5)

A mini football pitch measuring 32 m by 15 m. Where you can play 4vs4 or 5vs5

- Giant target: giant football-target where the balls stick to the target.

Several game modes available.

You can also play with your hands!

- The Target Goal: for precision shooting.

Can also be played with the hands!

- 1 vs 2 mini-arena

- Ball tennis: 2 Futnet nets (ball tennis)

1 x 4m net and 1 x 6m net.

- 5 Fingabol: the table game. In the style of our childhood football board games. You can play it at the table as an entertainment.

- Classic football: a ball, studs to mark out the pitch, goals... Make way for a REAL football match!

Venues: at your event venue. Anywhere on the island.

Or at a venue that we can offer you on a private basis.

Capacity: From 40 people. Up to 1000 people.

We can also offer you these structures for recreation days, Christmas trees, etc.

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