Giant "Who is it?" - Corporate ice breaker Group activity


Take part in a giant "What-is-it?" quiz on Réunion Island! For adults, to discover and get to know each other.

The latest 100% Team Building activity on Réunion Island!

The game can be played in several ways.

Presentation of the main option: Let's get to know each other in a fun, unexpected and surprising way!

We'll ask each participant to bring a photo of themselves as a child. A photo that illustrates their favourite memory.

Perhaps he was wearing his best outfit? Was it their best birthday memory? Or had they just caught their biggest fish?

Whatever the case, it will be a photo that will give him a sense of emotion, deep joy and, why not, pride.

We're going to use it as a way of getting to know each other in a fun way. In the style of the famous board game "Who is it?" that we all grew up with.

2 teams of a maximum of 8 players will try to find out who is who as quickly as possible by filling in a questionnaire beforehand! (Possibility of running the game with several leaders or in the form of workshops)

- Male/Female

- Married/Celibate/Couple/Separated/Widowed

- Children: yes/no

- Number of children :

- Hair colour

- Eye colour :

- Physical characteristics/Dress style: (e.g. likes to wear hats, jewellery, always dresses in black, moustache)

- Character: (calm, speed, motivated)

- Favourite food :

- City :

- Passion :

- Countries visited :

- Sports :

- What he/she prefers in his/her job :

- Values :

- How to find your photo

- Describe your photo and why did you choose it?


Each member of the team will answer the questionnaire above and place his/her photo on the game provided for the occasion ("Who is this?" paper support large enough).

Each team will have to find out who is who one after the other. Each team chooses a member of the team to find and asks both closed and open-ended questions to which the opposing candidates can answer in no more than 3 words:

- Is it a man? A woman?

- Does he/she have black hair or what colour is his/her hair?

- Does he/she have a child?

- Does he/she like diving?

- Can you tell us about his/her physical characteristics or character?

Each question will eliminate certain players, who will turn over their photo as in the game until only one remains!

Each person found must then give all the participants all their answers to the questionnaire so that their colleagues can find out more about them, and so on for each participant until the end of the game!

Other options may be available to extend the length of the game. Or as you wish.

Step back into childhood!

Duration: 01H15

Location: Anywhere on the island

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