Great game Explore biodiversity with the zoologist and the mermaid Group activity


The great game about biodiversity on Réunion Island, with actors and the Sirène Péi!

A totally new, original and above all topical scenario. Combining games, entertainment, work on values and cohesion and respect for the environment.

Halfway between an Escape Game and a great game in which you are the hero.

In this unforgettable experience, your teams will have exciting challenges to take up with real characters, as well as through a dedicated mobile application.

The aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues while having fun.


As soon as you arrive, you'll be immersed in the world of the various players, and the activity will begin with explanations from the Mermaid.

The mission begins with the challenge of saving biodiversity, but to do that, the teams must first win the Siren's trust.

The adventure consists of a number of different challenges that will test your knowledge of the environment, biodiversity, team cohesion, trust and group values.

Each team will meet actors(a dancer, a painter, a zoologist, a mermaid and a biologist) who will challenge them in their chosen field.

All these challenges are carried out using a mobile application that guides you through the adventure. You'll have 1 hour to help the Siren in her mission.

Some examples of challenges:

Identify the images hidden in the artist's paintings

Create a naturalist choreography linked to the dancer

Matching the names of animal and marine species in Latin with the marine biologist and the zoologist

Solve puzzles with the Siren

Take photos of your team mimicking sea animals

Some challenges can be completed independently, such as embodying a collective theme by taking a photo (recycling, biodiversity), creating a pixel-art reconstruction of the earth, or reconstructing a running water network.

Your performance will determine the final ranking!

As an option, you can also add physical tests to decide between employees, or the creation of a "collective work" representing the company's values.

General information

Suitable for groups of 40 to 250 people, and taking place on the site/domain of your choice.

Each team will be made up of 5 to 6 people, and will have a smartphone to use the dedicated application.

Duration: 01H30 to 02H00

Join us for an immersive, fun and rewarding adventure in support of biodiversity on Réunion Island.

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