Koh-LantaPeï - Team Challenges Group activity


In teams, compete in Koh-Lanta-type challenges on the beaches, all over Reunion Island!

As in the famous TV show, you will go from one challenge to another. Then, you will finish with a little treasure hunt.

Each event you win will give you access to a clue that will determine the location of the treasure. Prizes will be offered during a scenic finale.

Course of the events - Approximately 30 minutes per game => Please note that these are only examples. We will adapt the events according to your preferences.

Short warm-up

1st event: Obstacle course relay, blindfolded, follow a corridor filled with obstacles. Guides on the sides indicate the ideal path to follow.

After each event, clues are given to the winning team. These clues will be used in the final treasure hunt.

event 2: Bamboos In teams of 2 people, fill your bamboos with water, then you will have to pass them to each other, in the form of a relay, to carry them to the container at the finish point to be filled completely. Be careful not to drop the water.

event 3: Tug of war

4th event: Balancing game: With trays held by large ropes held by several people in the team, you must go to sea level and fill the "graduated basin" on the tray. And return to the starting point with as much water as possible. Be careful, even if the timer is activated, this is not a speed race!

Other possible challenges

- Human construction, Human pyramid with a clue to be retrieved at the top.

- Bag race

Final 15 minutes (only if played at the Hermitage or the Saltworks): Treasure hunt! Each team will have to go around the area to find a hidden treasure... containing a prize!

Including a small sound system!

Presentation of the treasure, announcement of the winner and grand finale!

Location: Health course of La Saline-les-bains

Also possible on the beach of Cap Homard or Hermitage.

Photo credit Lionel Ghighi

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