La Réunion ou koné" orienteering race Group activity


An orienteering race on the theme of "La Réunion lontan" at the location of your choice, for your Team Building!

The "La Réunion où Koné" route in an "orienteering race" format.

Like a treasure hunt, you will progress from stage to stage, with riddles and questions. Via a mobile application (1 smartphone per team).

The course takes place in a pre-defined area.

The orienteering race will be around 5 km long.

How does the orienteering race work?

- Briefing at the start of the teams (around 6 people per team)

- Find each stage point using an application and find the markers (Réunion flags on the course)

- Answer questions about Réunion and progress along the route (route markers).

There will be flags (beacons) to find at each stage point.

To move from one stage point to another, you will have to "validate" a mission via the Baludik application. Most of the missions will involve questions, but some will also include puzzles, memory games and other simple games. Games to be played between teams to strengthen cohesion between members.

The questions are on the flags, which is why you can't find them on the app, otherwise it would be too easy!

So you'll have to find 15 flags at 15 stage points.

- First to finish (based on timing): The teams will not all start at the same time. There will be delayed starts to ensure a smoother route. We will also time the teams' start and finish times to establish the final rankings.

Lontan wooden games

To keep the teams busy before and after the orienteering race, wooden games and mini-tests will be available.

Lontan wooden games will be set up at the start and finish of the race (the orienteering race is a loop). Teams will be able to play these games before they set off, or on arrival while waiting for the other teams.

Duration: 01h to 1h30, depending on the physical and puzzle-solving abilities of the teams.

Location: the location of your choice, outdoors. We can also offer you other areas.

La Saline health trail - L'Hermitage - Etang-Salé bird park - Etang Saint-Paul - Des lieux dans les hauts

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